Just a thought...

So, not sure if my new “companions” want everyone to know where we are, but a Christmas Elf on a reindeer, flying back and forth from where we stay, well tends to draw all kinds of attention. Maybe I just do not have a handle on subtlety.
Not sure what the suit thing is about, but good to see some things do not change…
Starting to think dear old dad, was messing with my mind a bit(duh!), so far neither of the two he guaranteed would shoot me have, and haven’t seen a lack of concern for life he claimed was what this whole group was about.
Still haven’t gotten a handle on the Christmas Elf’s attempt to establish dominance, but I will keep my eye on him.
I find it disturbingly comforting that people seem to actually mean what they say, and do what they say they are going to do. It is frighteningly pleasant to not always find nine levels to every conversation that is going on. I fearfully enjoy the simple mundanities that seem to fill their lives, paperwork, shopping, hospital copays. The silence around most times is almost deafening. I fear I am growing to really like it here, wonder when the screaming starts…



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