I am not a Special Snowflake

So got a visit from one of Dad’s top dogs, being called one of many of Dad’s “get” well I guess truth can hurt sometimes. I was told by Nicodemus that I would die violently, felt like a second skin settling over me when he said it, odd. Seeing as The Order of the Blackened Denarius want to bring about the Apocalypse, that puts us on opposing sides….shit time to move. Dad never specifically told me what Nicodemus’ achilles heal was, but if I know my dad..we all have one. I know I can’t beat him, probably can’t outsmart him, here’s hoping I can out bluff him. My dad is known as the father of all lies after all…

What a difference, in hell you never got a second to yourself(well seemed like it), always screaming, chaos, something. Here I find myself spending most of my time sitting, waiting for something…anything to happen. Feels like everyday is opposite day, back home it was outright terror, panic, horror followed by brief moments of calm, here it feels like unendurable moments of nothing followed by the occasional, “wow that kinda sucked”. I feel more like the totally ignored not even plucky sidekick to a group that seems to have almost no cohesion, I mean I guess I kinda get that, as I can’t be betrayed if no-one is around…but as most of us back home thought of people as kinda like ants, I would expected some kind of team something.

Ohh, gotta run, looks like the police are here….this should be interesting…


You have the best logs ever. I’ll go so far as to say that if no one else comments on this specific thread – (in our group) before next Friday – then fuck them! You put a ton of effort into updating this and I appreciate it. Which means the MorningStar appreciates this.

Which means – unless there is meaningful addendum’s to this page, next game is ALL about you.

(Seriously…. thank you for being so invested… I truly appreciate it.)

I am not a Special Snowflake

Uhm so I have learned GM attention in this game = bad, so can I respectfully defer from accepting that ever so generous offer, oh benevolent Overlord?

I am not a Special Snowflake

I have yet to decide if this comment amuses or annoys me…. let’s wait and see….


I am not a Special Snowflake


I am not a Special Snowflake

throws self from cliff, during fall crashing through 100 plate glass windows, followed by sliding through innertubes lined with razorblades, ending with the slowest meatgrinder filled with lye.(seemed the less painful option)

I am not a Special Snowflake

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