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Seattle, Emerald City, Jet City… A city on the brink of Discovery

This is the main wiki page. It serves as a starting point for all game information. From here you can access all information regarding the campaign.

City Wide Themes and Threats

On the Brink of Discovery

Steve Ballmer – the leader of the Human Liberation Collective, who fight against the supernatural they are sure is there.

Jason Fields – the talented blogger who “heads” the group WISPR, they search for the supernatural to satisfy their curiosity.

Bear – owner of The Museum of the Mysteries, the well shorn Bigfoot who gathers information and artifacts, and who is disturbingly willing to share it with anyone who’s interested.

My Way is the Right Way

Reginald Nordstrom – A Warden who has been sent to town to bring back order, in any way possible.

Vladimir Lenin – A construct(?) who keeps Fremont safe from capitalist swine.

Kikisoblu – A powerful Wizards who watches over the native population of the Puget Sound

We want the Old Ways back

Little Lady Liberty – The construct guardian of Alki Beach, she is known for her hyper-conservatism

The Balance of Power – The Status Quo

The White Court stirs the pot while all sort of strange mystical creatures and powers congregate, all the while the NeverNever seeps through the cracks.


Progress moves forward, for the elite on the backs of those under them.

Moves and Shakers

Movers and Shakers Info will go here


Gasworks Park

Muckleshoot Casino

Pike’s Place Market

Post Alley

Seattle Center

Seattle Museum of The Mysteries

Space Needle


Underground City

Wallingford Community Center

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