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Stories That Come Before #1


Fuck… my head hurts… fuck…I thought I’d die quicker. I can see the Iron Spike in my left eye. I can feel the Poison. And it kills me slowly.


(time passes)

I have been moved? Something has happened. Am I healed? Why are they applying such nice makeup? A bit heavy…

(time passes)

(door opens)

Thank the Gods! They’re here! I predicted this!

(Strange angle viewing people)

Why are they standing there doing nothing, can’t they see I’m almost dead? Holy Hell, this is the worst thing to hit the Salish Sea! I must tell them. Don’t they know they’re all marked… like me? Wait! Am I already dead?

Fuck me.


I tried not to die.

Stories That Come Before #2

To the White Court:

I am The Geoff Dahl.

If you approach Maury Island. You will be destroyed.

Any member of the Accord Agreements who approaches Maury Island will be Killed.

That is all.

Do Not Test The Will of Geoff Dahl.

Stories That Come Before #3
More bodies

Det. Andy: Another one?

Det. James: Yep.

Det. Andy: Is he another “victim” of the Vigilante?

Det. James: Don’t call him that… he’s not a vigilante, he’s a murderer.

Det. Andy: He kills asshole drug dealers, with a pretty fine gun…

Det James: (heatedly) Bullshit! Bullshit! What kind of gun leaves a fucking hole that looks like someone jammed a damn horn through someone’s chest.


(Det. Andy giggles)

Det. Andy: The Narwhale Killer?

(Det. James stares at Det. Andy)

Det. Andy: Get it?

Det. James: Jesus Christ, how are you a Detective?

Stories That Come Before #4

Podcast transcript from published by WYSPR

Wow, so I’m down here in the south sound at the Nisqually Wildlife Refugee, I’m taking the day off from my WYSPR duties and… <sneeze> and… <sneeze> fuck… I’m gonna have to start over I got a fucking gnat up my nose…

(sound of dropped mike?)

(distant sound)


Fuck! Ahh… Ahh… Ahh… what the fuck… (biological sounds) ahhhh. ahhhh…. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh….




My Godsh… whyyyyyaaaaaAAAAAAGGGHHHHH!!!

(recording loses comprehensibility)

Stories That Come Before #5

Rider: Chinatown

Taxi Driver: Are you sure? It’s late.

Rider: What? Just drive me.

Taxi Driver: Not too safe.

Rider: “Not too safe?” What are you Foo ManChu?

Things Occur

Next Rider: Hi, U-District please!

Taxi Driver: Oh, please don’t sit on that side, a drunk customer spilled his cherry Slushie!

Next Rider: Thanks! Man, what a dope, he must’ve been drunk.

Taxt Driver: His soul tasted like it.

Next Rider: (uncomfortably) Ha. Wait. What?

Stories That Come Before #7


Grazagg! Fezg’nob!


Fetzle! Fetzle! FETZLE!!!!


Stories That Come Before #8

Det. Andy: Another one?

Det. James: Yep.

Det. Andy: Is he another “victim” of the Vigilante?

Det. James: Nope, the witnesses say he was killed by a naked ghost.

Det. Andy: That seems a bit silly.

Det James: (heatedly) Jesus! I’m sick of your Bullshit! I Call Bullshit! If they think they saw a ghost lets treat them like real, important, credible witnesses. Why can’t you be more compassionate and care about the fucking job!


(Det. Andy giggles)

Det. Andy: You’re like the crazy FBI Agent they “assigned” to Seattle.

(Det. James stares at Det. Andy)

Det. Andy: Get it? Cause she’s crazy.

Det. James: Jesus Christ, how are you a Detective?

Stories That Come Before #6

KOMO News Channel 4

Female Announcer: In other news, there’s been another explosive incident in a parking garage.
Male Announcer: That’s right, for the third time this year, a motorist reported a caucasian male blowing up their car when they beat that suspect to a parking spot.

(cut to flaming car)


Female Announcer: That’s a real hot head.
Male Announcer: You’re… you’re… (lick lips) You know I’ve got a head that’s hot.
Female Announcer: (sweating) Why, that’s… that’s… (goes under desk)
Male Announcer: (rolls eyes)

(cut to “Technical Difficulties” image)

Tales of a Metalcrafter #1

In the dim candlelight of the garage she sat back from her work, pinching the bridge of her nose in exhaustion. The figure on her workbench, worked in brass, was nearly complete. Suzanne knew she should be sleeping, but there was too much to do before she could surrender herself to unconsciousness.

Hours spent already and only this small statuette to show for it. Incomplete as it was, she knew she would find no rest until it was done. I need a new hobby.

As she set back to work, the visage of an angel took shape, face turned upward in anguish, wings cut, body tense. Behind her, ghosts of past encounters looked on impassively from their shelves, never approving.


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