Sometimes motherfuckers need a beatdown

Ever felt so constricted in your own skin you want to scream? Welcome to my world. I live in a place that just cannot let me be me. So I have to force myself to fit in a world that just makes no sense to me. Humans will walk around with firearms displayed, or operate these machines that could plow over lines of other humans, and this is ok. Yet I cannot walk freely amongst these apes. I spend the majority of my time feeling like I am stuck in not only shoes that are too tight, but pants, and a shirt, looking like one of these puny apes. Please give me a reason, I will be sure to thank the bloody puddle that is left. Just the way these creatures interact with each other makes me sometimes want to smash their stupid hairless ape faces right the fuck in. Here is my idea of a perfect day:
Jeremy asked me how I am feeling(and he means it), I smile.
Some other Ape sarcastically asks me anything-time to make ape blood pudding
I am walking, an ape transport makes loud noises at me-ape blood pudding in a now pocket-sized container
Ape in blue points firearm at me while yelling-Blue suited ape pudding with firearm inside(like a toy surprise!)
Ape beats me at chess, or checkers or Shogi(not likely ape!)-congratulatory ape pudding
Just cause I feel like it-ape pudding anytime
But no, I put all that behind me. I… apes, I mean people. I enjoy being able to share in their many wonderful cultures and ideas, I appreciate their subtle and delightful banter, I appreciate that I MUST ask permission before engaging in sex with someone, fuck this, something needs to die.

Second Session
Mixed Blessings

The camera opens on the group gathering in the 3rd floor of the Greenlake Starbucks. It wasn’t crowded, but given that only the supernatural community can perceive it, overcrowding is rarely an issue.

Tasha is in a good mood, she is being treated with something dangerously close to respect at the agency. Or at least the absence of ridicule, which is an acceptable substitute. She has also been issued a laptop, the bleeding edge of 1997 technology, svelt in a water buffalo sort of way and able to be held in the lap for nearly 20 minutes before the polyester burst into actual flames.

The lighter smalltalk is finally brought to a more serious bent when Suzanne declares that she has no intention of accepting the Dark Vampire Prince’s offer, but is at something of a loss as to where to proceed. The group agrees and supports her decision and the consensus is that they need to find out why the Vampire decided to make the offer now, and how it may be connected to the strange abscense of the current Guardian of the Gate.

Deciding that the fastest way to chase down that line is the speak with the Guardian herself, Suzanne speaks to the White Council and they set up a meeting between her and the Guardian’s contact at a bar known as “Sorry Charlie’s”.

Arriving at the pub, Gabriel, Sunny and Suzanne speak with the representative while the rest of the group has some issues with on task focus. On the plus side it is discovered that Tasha can actually pull of a respectable Whitney Houston karaoke and that Jeremy, well, can’t. More relevant to the mission, they discover that the Guardian has been missing for nearly a week, with no one knowing where. Apparently the White Council is aware of the disapearance but found it more amusing to make us find out ourselves (or is a stalwart supporter of the local karaoke scene).

It is during the post bar discussions that it is discovered that Jeremy woke up next to several dismembered pieces of a woman (best not thought about is how the sex was discovered from the remaining portions) and a message in blood on the wall announcing “You’re next”. It says something about Jeremy that it didn’t occur to him to mention this until nearly a day later, it also says something about the group that no one found this in the least bit surprising. Initial thoughts go to Tony given that a) he is an ogre and b) he has waxed eloquent on the tastiness of human flesh before. However, he rapidly points out that if he was going to eat someone he would finish the meal and not leave choice bits in the bed of the his upstairs roommates. While grisly, the logic is hard to refute and he is taken off the suspect list, or at least moved to the bottom.

Suzanne calls the White Council again and is told that the Guardian often spent time at the Kalakala ferry, and perhaps she should look there. With the understanding that her investigation was off the books, her no longer being a Warden. Oh and by the way, was she aware her ex-boyfriend had listed in her official file that she was erratic and unstable? Just thought she should know, good luck on that investigation.

Several calming breaths later the group arrives at the Kalakala to find a small fey standing guard and a powerful ward on the ship. The ward will only allow the group entry if they promise “to help”. Various versions of the phrasing are attempted but seemingly to little avail, once help has been promised, the group is stuck there until help is provided.

The ship itself is larger on the inside than the outside and seems alive, if currently wounded and suffused with a dark, corrupt energy. After some exploring the group encounters a large, powerful ward containing the Summer Queen for the area. They are able to communicate with her via Gabriel’s Lense and she notes that she has been trapped by Lothar, a powerful fey of the Winter court. She is unsure of how or why, but suspects the Daemon is part of the mechanism. Oh, you didn’t know? Look upstairs.

Looking upstairs, the group find another powerful ward, this one trapping a powerful looking infernal of the Judeo-Christian form. They chat with it, but it is largely true to form and, while more than happy to verbally fence, provides little in the way of useful information.

The group tries many investigations, including a rapidly aborted attempt to commune with the spirit of the ship which nearly gets Suzanne possessed by the Daemon. Sunny also discovers one of the two fey guards Lothar left to keep people off the boat and accidently cuts both its feet off in an attempt to subdue it for questioning.

Managing to save the less than impressive guard the group is able to question it and learn that they were indeed left by Lothar and were tasked to prevent others from boarding the ship. The fey is quick to admit its efforts on that part of its mission were less than successful. More importantly the group learned that the fey and its companion were behind the murder of the current Guardian Butchy. Deciding that all relevant information had been gleaned and given that the fey had brazenly admitted to being part of the murder of the Guardian, Gabriel completed Sunny’s earlier efforts and shot the fey through the forehead.

This left finding the second guard, which Gabriel was unexpectedly successful at when he was interrupted in bringing up his Lense to search the ship by the Troll charging through it. Thrown off balance and dazed by a solid blow to the head Gabriel was able to fend the Troll off but it was not finally slain until the rest of the group rushed in and finished the job.

Unfortunately this left the group no closer to a solution. It turned out it was effectively impossible to free the Summer Queen without freeing the Daemon, and the Daemon was an iffy fight even for this formidable a group. The Queen was distantly sympathetic, but not overly helpful outside of a promise to give the group a reward for rescuing her. She was quick to point out that the reward was Required, and they were going to get it whether they wanted it or not, so she’s be happy to give it to them early. Given that most rewards don’t come with warning labels and a death threat, the group decided that they had enough on their plates without dealing with potentially explosive presents.

Finally, left with no good options, the group decides to free the Summer Queen and gain her help in attempting to defeat the Daemon. They are successful to freeing the Queen but the Daemon does not rush to immediate, and for most of the group probably fatal, combat. It spends some time attempting to tempt or threaten each member of the group, barring Suzanne who has sensibly locked herself in a magic circle. After failing to gain any converts the Daemon simply leaves, much to everyone’s surprise. Unfortuantely it is at this point that someone looks out a window and realizes the Gate has been opened.

Rushing to the control room they are able to close the Gate, but not before five entities are released. It is also then that the Queen suddenly dies when all the blood bursts from her body and the group realizes that the Daemon has no interest in a direct phsyical confrontation. Sunny immediately runs off to check on the International district, fearful that it may take its promised vengence on her protected lands.

It is also at this point that the Queen’s reward is discovered, the group has become the new Guardians of the Gate. It is a great honor and will undoubtedly get them invited to the best parties and result in their eventual horrible deaths, but the Daemon is much larger in people’s minds and their new responsiblities are brushed aside for the time being. On the plus side, it means they get to keep the ship which, once it’s no longer infested with Daemons and fey, turns out to be quite pleasant.

Realizing they have no way to find, much less kill, the Daemon on their own. The group reaches out once more the White Council who seems to properly appreciate the gravity of the situation and sends their top Daemonologist, Rashid, to assist the group.

While waiting for his arrival Sunny encounters the Daemon in the International District, where he causes the collapse of a building, killing a number of people. He makes it clear that he has no plans of immediately killing the group, but intends their ends to be long and amusing.

The more mystical of the group work on ways to bind Daemons while Gabriel uses the newly discovered manual to learn the workings of the boat.

Once he has been brought up to speed he is able to create a necklace ward that will hide the characters from the Daemon’s detection while they are worn. He promises to stay in the area and work with the group against the Daemon, undoubtely because of the serious nature of the threat but the obvious spark between him and Gabriel points to the potential for alterior motivation.

Gabriel's Mission Log - 5/20/2002
You know your paying for that....

Busy week and not paid for any of it. Morgenstern 2 was impacted by an angel and totalled, was able to lure entity into an abandoned Coldstone Creamery where Tasha blew it’s head off with that fucked up gun of hers. There is a reason I don’t talk to my dates about work. Would pay to read Tasha’s report on this one.

Suzanne is being courted by Reginald again. I offered to shoot him, she declined. Kid needs to loose her scruples, murdering “Regie” is a public service.

Got looped into going down into Undercity, McGavin is trying to make a deal with Suzanne. Her choice ultimately, I just wanted to be sure McGavin realized Suzanne’s advocate was quite willing to back the fine points of negotiation with a holy water grenade. She probably doesn’t need the support, but I like pissing off vamps.

The Chaosian’s back, apparently he’s been hanging around with Suzanne. Probably harmless but keeping an eye on it. Also met some ninja chick named “Sunny”, made a point of introducing herself by mentioning she’d be spying on me. Real charmer. For some reason the black vamp contacted her about parley with Suzanne, so I guess I’m stuck with her for now, looks like I won’t be jerking near the window for a while.

Watch Suzanne’s back, not sure why cold and stringy wants to mend fences but not in a trusting mood.

Shoot Reginald, don’t tell Suzanne. OK, she’d find out and I’d loose a decent dinner partner, find out his angle then, he’s always got one.

Invoice God for the Hummer.

Help Tasha with the angel thing if she asks, but get a consultants fee. I don’t need the cash, but helps to set expectations.

Find out what annoys “Sunny”, do it.

First Session
We May Have Some On Us

May 20, 2002, Seattle

Some combination of happenstance, luck, and the invisible hand of Fate brought our principals together in Wallingford just as a bright light appeared in the sky over Seattle. Upon viewing it with the Sight, Gabriel was overwhelmed by its intensity. Jeremy was able to discern details which soon became obvious; this was an angel, though one with partial wings, and scorched, descending from the direction of Heaven. Its flight was not entirely controlled, and its arc ended when it impacted Gabriel’s Hummer. This totalled the SUV even more thoroughly than Suzanne’s fire had his former one. The angel emerged unscathed.

While most of the onlookers scattered from the impact, Tasha approached cautiously. The angel imperiously struck her, with alarming skill and force, nearly injuring her. Gabriel opened fire, to so little effect that the angel seemed unaware it was a hostile act. This allowed Tasha to engage in conversation, inviting the angel into a fortuitously abandoned building (a former Coldstone Creamery) for what the seraph presumed to be oaths of loyalty.

Inside the creamery, a rather confused discussion with the angel suggested it had been cast down from Heaven for rebellion, and was not entirely clear on its location. A ghost of a former Coldstone employee (Angie?) appeared to help the visitors find refreshment.

Outside, gentlemen who appeared to be members of the Venatori Umbrorum arrived and began cleansing the area with flamethrowers. Their fire finished off what remained of Gabriel’s car.

When the angel announced his intention to find and join Lucifer, Tasha felt this would not serve the Greater Good, and shot it. Apparently her gun is effective against angels; it died. This left a significant level of mystical residue on those inside, which Gabriel was able to cleanse with his Pattern Lens.

Meanwhile, we learned that the Venatori were present at the request of the Warden Reginald Nordstrom. Suzanne undertook to negotiate that the group in the Coldstone be left alone, on condition that she go on a date with Reginald at Canlis. Gabriel invited himself along.

Reginald was allowed to take custody of the angel’s remains, and complete the cleansing (via demolition) of the abandoned Creamery. As a consequence, the former employee’s remains were discovered, with hints of her unfortunate fate.

It was decided to reconvene at the Museum of The Mysteries, to try and learn more about the angel or its fall. Bear introduced his collection of Live Smurfs, including Tetchy Smurf. In the Christian section, we discovered some texts that appeared to describe the angel; a nameless seraph, one of 12, that served as a leader of the Heavenly Host. There was also mention in a recent ’zine of a Reverend Grant of the Church of Revelation in Tukwila who had announced visions of a war in Heaven after God had “vacated His throne.”

A brief conversation with Bear touched on a rumor that Suzanne was dating Reginald again; Gabriel countered that HE was dating Reg, and Suzanne was their beard. This conversation was interrupted by the discovery of a savagely mutilated body. Physical signs pointed to vampiric feeding. A Red Court vampire who had passed through disavowed responsibility, which was borne out by initial examination. Examination with the Sight revealed only confused impressions of violent death. Tasha undertook a more thorough, and semi-official Bureau examination of the crime scene.

The rest of the group departed for lunch (pho) while Tasha gathered evidence. Gabriel and Suzanne left from there to respond to a security alarm at Gabriel’s house; this ultimately proved to be a diversion. While they were away, the others responded to a car crash, Tony hurling the car away from the pinned pedestrian, Jeremy helping to calm the victim. On returning to the restaurant, a sinister creature with alarming teeth approached, claiming to represent Darren McGavin of Undercity, requesting a meeting to discuss an offer that combined employment and recompense for deeds of Suzanne’s. With some trepidation, they agreed.

The body in the Museum of The Mysteries turned out to be one Andy Manaoke, who appears to be related to the Princess Manaoke prominent in the Muckleshoot Tribe, and known to associate with the White Court vampires. After paperwork was filed on the case, Tasha was summoned to the Seattle FBI office, and assigned to the case “from a very high level.” This gave her access to vast Bureau resources, like a car.

After a meeting at the Greenlake Starbucks, 3rd floor, it was decided Tasha, Jeremy, and Suzanne would go meet with Reverend Grant in Tukwila, while the others attended the meeting in Undercity.

The Church of Revelation turns out to be located in a rural part of Tukwila, tent-revival style. The Reverend lives in a trailer nearby. He was crusty – with strong (and negative) views on magic use (witchcraft) and hippies (hippies). He claimed his visions of the new war in Heaven had begun in 2000, and while they did not match any other prophecy, he typically received them Sundays during services.

Gabriel, Tony, and Sunny ventured to Undercity, through Pike Place and Post Alley. This offered a window into the cuisine and feeding habits of the denizens of Undercity, some of whom are more willing to share than others. Despite some tension, they eventually met with Darrin McGavin, the leader of the Black Court in the area, and Undercity. He stated his request for recompense from Suzanne was that she apologize for attacking his lieutenant, and swear on her power not to attack the Black Court. The situation that occasioned the meeting, was that the Guardian of the Space Needle was missing, because some thing had been attacking the Needle aboveground. He claimed that his forces guarded the Needle from below.

It aint easy being gray

Sometimes is gets a little exhausting. I have been here for a long time, watching these hairless chimps scurry about. Although tiresome, I learned a long time ago that these creatures feel so much more comfortable when their assumptions are the reality. “Oh look he is big, he must be really dumb!” Well Ogre-see, Ogre-do. I can play hairless gorilla amongst the chimps.

Tales of a Metalcrafter #1

In the dim candlelight of the garage she sat back from her work, pinching the bridge of her nose in exhaustion. The figure on her workbench, worked in brass, was nearly complete. Suzanne knew she should be sleeping, but there was too much to do before she could surrender herself to unconsciousness.

Hours spent already and only this small statuette to show for it. Incomplete as it was, she knew she would find no rest until it was done. I need a new hobby.

As she set back to work, the visage of an angel took shape, face turned upward in anguish, wings cut, body tense. Behind her, ghosts of past encounters looked on impassively from their shelves, never approving.

Stories That Come Before #6

KOMO News Channel 4

Female Announcer: In other news, there’s been another explosive incident in a parking garage.
Male Announcer: That’s right, for the third time this year, a motorist reported a caucasian male blowing up their car when they beat that suspect to a parking spot.

(cut to flaming car)


Female Announcer: That’s a real hot head.
Male Announcer: You’re… you’re… (lick lips) You know I’ve got a head that’s hot.
Female Announcer: (sweating) Why, that’s… that’s… (goes under desk)
Male Announcer: (rolls eyes)

(cut to “Technical Difficulties” image)

Stories That Come Before #8

Det. Andy: Another one?

Det. James: Yep.

Det. Andy: Is he another “victim” of the Vigilante?

Det. James: Nope, the witnesses say he was killed by a naked ghost.

Det. Andy: That seems a bit silly.

Det James: (heatedly) Jesus! I’m sick of your Bullshit! I Call Bullshit! If they think they saw a ghost lets treat them like real, important, credible witnesses. Why can’t you be more compassionate and care about the fucking job!


(Det. Andy giggles)

Det. Andy: You’re like the crazy FBI Agent they “assigned” to Seattle.

(Det. James stares at Det. Andy)

Det. Andy: Get it? Cause she’s crazy.

Det. James: Jesus Christ, how are you a Detective?

Stories That Come Before #7


Grazagg! Fezg’nob!


Fetzle! Fetzle! FETZLE!!!!


Stories That Come Before #5

Rider: Chinatown

Taxi Driver: Are you sure? It’s late.

Rider: What? Just drive me.

Taxi Driver: Not too safe.

Rider: “Not too safe?” What are you Foo ManChu?

Things Occur

Next Rider: Hi, U-District please!

Taxi Driver: Oh, please don’t sit on that side, a drunk customer spilled his cherry Slushie!

Next Rider: Thanks! Man, what a dope, he must’ve been drunk.

Taxt Driver: His soul tasted like it.

Next Rider: (uncomfortably) Ha. Wait. What?


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