Publix Hotel

Sunny's Home


The six-story Publix Hotel is a building located in Seattle’s international district. It was officially closed to the public in August 2003 due to the overwhelming cost of repairs in the decaying structure. No improvements or development upgrades have been completed since the tenant evictions.

Originally opened in the early 20’s, across from the King Street train station, the building offered cheap housing to asian immigrant men working in the local canneries. In later years, the building provided single-room occupancy housing options for recovering addicts, elderly widows, seasonal dock workers, and many others looking to escape homeless life on the streets.

The cramped rooms with concrete floors only have one electrical outlet, a sink, a small mirrored bathroom cabinet, and a large window.

Today the Publix hotel is the home of Sun-hi Kim, who resides on the top floor and 400 souls who make up the rest of the hotel and security detail.


Publix Hotel

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