Wizard Suzanne Baker

Wizard of the White Council and Former Warden


High Concept: Fire-Wielding Reluctant Warden
Trouble: Can’t Escape From My Past
Other Aspects:
Afraid of Losing Control… Again…
Show Some Fucking Adaptability
Fire Isn’t Everything
Gauntlet of Fire
Screw This, I’ll Do It My Own Way

Discipline (Superb)
Conviction (Superb)
Endurance (Great)
Presence (Great)
Lore (Great)
Alertness (Good)
Weapons (Good)
Performance (Fair)
Resources (Fair)
Scolarship (Average)
Athletics (Average)
Guns (Average)

Physical Stress: 4
Mental Stress: 4 (+1 Minor Consequence)
Social Stress: 4


  • Elements: Fire, Water, Spirit
  • Specialization: Fire (Control +1, Power +1)


  • Specialization: Crafting (Strength +1)

The Sight
Wizard’s Constitution
Lawbreaker (First Law)
Refinement (2x Enhancement Item Slot, 1x Specialization Bonus)

Rote Spells:
Incendia Telum: Unleashes a long, thin line of fire at a single target (Weapon:6, 6 shifts, requires Ring of Fire)
Chaos Lancia: Unleashes a long, thin line of water at a single target (Weapon:5, 5 shifts)
Animus Contego: Creates a hemispherical shield in front of her left hand that can act as either Armor or a Block. Shifts can be used for persistence. (5 shifts)
Animus Nubes: Conceals her and nearby people in a veil that covers sight, sound, and smell. (5 shifts)

Focus / Enchanted Items:
Gauntlet of Fire (+ 1 Offsensive Control, + 1 Offensive Power for Fire — 2 Focus Item Slots)
Gauntlet of Protection (+ 1 Defensive Control for Spirit — 1 Focus Item Slot)
Protective Jacket (Armor:4 2x/session — 1 Enchanted Item Slot)
Warden’s Sword
1 Enchanted Item Slot dedicated to potions

Adjusted Refresh: 1


Suzanne Baker was born and raised in Minnesota. She is adopted, but is unaware of both who her real parents are and of the fact that she is adopted in the first place. Her adoptive parents were confused when she began manifesting her powers. At first it seemed harmless, but it became increasingly dangerous as time went on. When she accidentally injured her father with her budding powers, a White Council wizard showed up and took her away.

The Council sent her to Seattle, where she began learning magic from her mentor, Master Gerold. He was an uncaring tutor who taught her on the waterfront, tossing her into the Sound every time she failed. She learned very quickly to control her power as well as to leverage bad situations to her own advantage.

Years later, after completing her training, she was recruited into the Wardens by her erstwhile lover, Reginald Nordstrom. They, together, worked to keep the Seattle area from tipping over the edge into the open war that seemed a constant threat.

Having discovered an increase in vampire activity within the city, Suzanne was out patrolling the streets for the horrible creatures when she came across Gabriel nearly overwhelmed, but still fighting against three of them. Using her newly-created Ring of Fire, she erected a firey wall around him, protecting him and driving away the vampires.

When reports of strange ocurrences near Lake Union came into the team, they headed out to investigate. But could they survive when the discovered what the real threat was – a water demon? The demon taunted Suzanne as she attempted to use one ineffective power after another to drive off or destroy the creature. Fortunately for her, Gabriel came across her during her battle and decided to step in to help, throwing a grenade into the demon and causing it to explode into little raindrops.

In the subsequent years, she has aided him in a few of his “assignments” where she can. She has made it clear to Gabriel, though, that her duties as a Wizard of the White Council come first and that there are certain things that she simply will not do…

After hearing of a vampire attack at a local restaurant, Reginald and Suzanne went to investigate. They interviewed Sunny, the individual who drove off the vampire. Using the information she had provided, the two Wardens set out to track down the right-hand man of Darrin McGavin – the leader of the Black Court scourge dwelling in Seattle’s Underground. When the duo finally came upon the foul creature, he had surrounded himself with human children. While Suzanne balked at proceeding with the assault, Reginald did not. The vampire was killed but several children were injured in the process. As a result, Suzanne turned in her Warden’s sword and cloak, broke off her relationship with Reginald, and left in disgust – vowing that she would find a better way to protect the city and its inhabitants.

Wizard Suzanne Baker

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