Tony Kai

Reluctant Half-Ogre



Physical Stress: 4(+2 Minor Consequences) up to 8(and Armor 2)
Mental Stress: 4
Social Stress: 4

Supernatural Strength(-4)
Human Form(+1)
Supernatural Toughness(-4)
Supernatural Recovery(-4)
Catch(Cold Iron and the like, Faerie Magic and Weapons +5)

2 Refresh


High Concept:Reluctant Ogre-Blooded Changeling
Trouble Aspect:Always on a slippery slope

Born of a human mom and an Ogre Chieftain, raised as the motherless runt of the litter by a race committed to conflict. The smallest child in a large family, Tony had to live with an awareness of being a shame and disappointment to his Ogre family. Tony has never been able to embrace the brutal and bloody life most ogres choose to live, he always knew there would come a time he would have to leave or die.
Aspect:Holding on to my humanity

Forced to develop the skills and ferocity expected of any front-line shock troops, Tony found some pleasure in besting other trainees, further earning more animosity. This came to a head when the current squad of trainees decided to settle matters, permanently. Surrounded and alone, Tony somehow managed to not only win the conflict, but managed to severely injure several of his attackers. Tony knew that he would fight if he had to, but chose this as the time to find a way out of a life he refused to lead.
Aspect:Push me and I push back

The details of crossing over is not quite clear to Tony, but he found himself in a land he did not know, with rules and ideas he had never experienced. He spent much of his early years in the land of humans, wondering and lost. He tried to observe and learn about these soft and fragile creatures, trying to understand what it meant to be human. One of his earliest experiences is of a small child(Tasha Johnson) pointing to him and saying “Troll!”
Aspect:Stranger in a strange land

Not clear on how Tasha knew him for what he was, Tony was recruited to help bring a cult of demon worshipers down. When confronted by a power beyond his ‘human’ abilities, Tony embraced his true nature and was able to help Tasha take down a powerful demon.
Aspect:To care is human

Sometimes the ogre side does get the best of Tony. When he crossed paths with Gabriel, Tony learned that having a person around that can push the right(?) buttons, does not always bring out Tony’s best side. After a bit of wrestling, throwing, and attempting to stuff Gabriel’s knee into his ear, Gabriel called the match a draw. While Tony finds Gabriel a constant test of his patience, he has found that Gabriel can be a source of never ending adventures.
Aspect:Let me show you what strong is

Tony Kai

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