Special Agent Tasha Johnson

An FBI agent, conflicted since she is an Emissary of The Grey



Tasha was born in 1940 in Pittsburgh, though she still only looks to be roughly 30 years old.

Tasha comes from a long line of Emissary’s who serve The Grey. Her Great Grandfather passed his responsibilities to her after she bested her brothers by slaying demons in the South. Her Great Grandfather, is still alive and still appears to be young, a Punishment from The Grey that has never been shared with her.

He chose to retire from his position, is the story she tells herself, but still acts as Tasha’s mentor when he’s not unbelievably drunk and demanding she asks The Grey why he’s still alive… a request The Grey has forbidden questions about.

Tasha’s father died in Normandy during D-Day. Her mother survived into her 80’s and died of natural causes. Her two brothers are still alive and in Pittsburgh and are 73 and 75 years old.
They do not display the same gene for longevity. This is because they each served, unsuccessfully, as Emissaries to The Grey.

The Horn of Power (taken from an enemy, The Red):



High Aspect: Special Agent FBI: Occult Investigations
Trouble: Divided Loyalties

Seizing Responsibility
Bright light in the Darkness
Protector of the Underdog
Seeing the Truth
For the Greater Good


6 Fantastic: Guns (+1)
5 Superb: Investigation
4 Great: Endurance, Presence
3 Good: Alertness, Intimidation
2 Fair: Stealth, Conviction
1 Average: Fists, Contacts

Physical 4
Mental 3
Social 4

Armour 1 (Plus bullet proof vest)

Stunts and Powers
Item of Power “Grace” .45 ACP Magical Handgun -3
- Transforms shape by Age
- Unlimited Ammo (basically wand of magic missiles)
- Works when hexing prevents Tech from working
- Holy Touch (Qualifies as satisfying a catch)
- Righteousness (Use Conviction)
- True Aim (Guns +1)

Inhuman Toughness Catch Ice -0
Inhuman Recovery Catch Ice -0

Special Agent Tasha Johnson

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