Sergeant Ethan Blackstone

Supernatural Bounty Hunter


Sergeant Ethan Blackstone
Age 42
Former Navy Seal
Former Employee of Executive Decisions, Special Ops
Currently Self Employed Supernatural Bounty Hunter

High Concept: Supernatural Bounty Hunter

Trouble: Darkside is out to get me for what I’ve done.

Aspect: Walk it off!
Aspect: Now you see me, now you don’t
Aspect: It’s just another Job
Aspect: A stab in the dark
Aspect: Friends in high places
Aspect: Everybody’s gotta die sometime

6- Guns
5- Weapons, Endurance
4- Lore, Stealth
3- Resources, Investigation
2- Presence, Conviction
1- Contacts


Just a Flesh Wound (Endurance) Bonus to taking damage and keep moving

Ghost (Stealth) talent for disappearing in plain sight

I got this (Guns) +2 to Guns

Move it Soldier! (Presence) +2 for making commands to personnel

Go To Equipment:
Sig Sauer 556
Glock 19 x3
.338 Lapua Magnum Sniper Rifle
Combat knives
Cold iron dagger
Wood stakes
Holy Water
Silver Bullets

Kevlar Vest IIIA
Night Vision goggles
Backpack with Chest rig, 10 mags for MP5 and MP5 SD3 (suppressed)


Sergeant Ethan Blackstone

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