The Lake Union Monster


Lesser Dragon

Kuan-Yin lives in Lake Union and is “gifted” with a miraculous oracular ability. For the first half of the 20th century she was kindly and would answer most any questions. Then came the 60’s and the drug fueled “Who am I?” type questions that followed. Her patience quickly evaporated and she began to punish those who would bother her with nonsense.

As there was no greater community to police her, the White Council stepped in and demanded that she stop eating quite so many people without any warning.

So she put up a sign outside of her laid (Gasworks Park), in Latin" stating “Stupid Questions will be dealt with severely.”

By the 70’s her visitor’s have dropped astoundingly while, at the same time, the quality of questions asked has markedly improved.

She is caring for at least one egg in the abandoned gasworks in the park.

No one know either how she got to Lake Union, when she arrived or who the father of her eggs are.



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