Kasimir "Kass" von Eisenberg

ALAREC's Admin


High Concept: ALAREC’s Admin
Trouble: New World, Old Problems
Other Aspects
Old World, Old Money, Old Values
“I’ve a few theories…” (But Which is Right?)
Not That Man Anymore
I’ve Got Just The Spell
Playing The Long Game

Discipline: Superb (5)
Lore: Superb (5)
Scholarship: Great (4)
Empathy: Great (4)
Resources: Good (3)
Conviction: Good (3)
Presence: Fair (2)
Endurance: Fair (2)
Rapport: Fair (2)
Contacts: Average (1)
Deceit: Average (1)
Alertness: Average (1)
Fists: Average (1)
Survival: Average (1)

Physical Stress 3
Mental Stress 4
Social Stress 2


The Sight
Wizard’s Constitution
-1 Refinement (2 specializations)
-1 Refinement (4 Enchanted Items)

Elements (Air, Earth, Water)
Power (Earth +1)
Crafting (Strength +2)
Crafting (Frequency +1)
Focus Item
Crafting (Strength +3)
Enchanted Items: 6
Weapon:10 Lightning Magic, 2 times/session, Discipline aims
A 3 ft. acrylic rod with wool inside of it.
Armor:5 or Block 10 Physical, 2 times/session, accomplished by bending vector paths around him
so that he is personally unreachable. Strangely, this does not affect light.
Fehlleitungschild is a silver necklace adorned with smoky diamonds.
A Weapon:10 Social Attack, 2 time/session, Deceit aims.
A plain onyx band worn on his left middle finger.
Athletics made at +10, 2 times/session.
Blitzflucht appears to be a pair of anklets.
A 10-Shift counterspell, 2 times/session, Discipline aims.
Absagespange is a tarnished silver wristband with sapphire and amethyst settings. He wears it
on his right wrist.

Rote Spells:
Boring Scene
3 Shifts, 1 Stress, Water
Makes Kas and his immediate surroundings too dull to notice. A 3-shift Alertness roll
Firm Grounding
4 shifts, 1 stress, Earth Maneuver
Alters the conductivity of a target so that they are less likely to be an electrical conduit.
Adds the (mostly beneficial) Aspect GROUNDED OUT to a target for two exchanges.
4 shifts, 1 stress, Earth Maneuver
Tweaks local gravity around a target such that one leg is twice the weight of the other.
Adds the (mostly deleterious) Aspect OFF-BALANCE to a target for one exchange. (Contested)
Lightning Hex
4 shifts, 1 stress, Earth Maneuver
Flows electrons out of a target and keeps them out, making them a source of positive electric
charge, essentially “target-painting” for electrical attacks.
Adds the (mostly deleterious) Aspect SKYFIRE MAGNET to a target for one exchange. (Contested)

Refresh 1

Go To Equipment:
3x iPhone4 with protective sigils
A Gaming Laptop with protective sigils
Four-Door Black Volkswagen Bug (Classic)

On-Site Resources at his Manor:
ALAREC – Arcane Library (Rank TBD)
ALAREC – Library (Rank TBD)
The Circles – Arcane Sanctum 1 (The Small Circle is intact, Medium Circle destroyed in the Summoning of Raziel, Large Circle Destroyed by a basement collapse during the “Cathedral Incident”)
Eisenberg Design & Fabrication LLC – Workshop (Rank TBD)
His Dachsund, Klein

Companies in his influence:
Eisenberg Design & Fabrication LLC (Owns in Totality)
Blowitz, Blum & Associates (On Retainer via Eisenberg Design, specialties: IP Rights & Law)
Tinsmith Realty Inc. (100% of shares owned, operates as the “parent company” to a series of shell real estate holding companies)
Dreyfuss & Holloway (On Retainer via Tinsmith Realty, specialties: Real Estate Law)
Henrietta, Otto, Gunnar and Siegfried Memorial Fund (A charity dedicated to Holocaust victims)
The James Craven Fund For At-Risk Youths (Board Member)
Freedman, Jones & Crowley (On Retainer via The James Craven Fund, specialties: Criminal Law, Clued-In)
He also sits on the Board of a high-end Seattle area Country Club, and the board of a very prestigious K-12 private school.

Notable Employees:
Elsa Ritter (Project Manager, Eisenberg Design & Fabrication, whereabouts unknown)
Samantha Yukimura (Sr. Graphic Designer, Eisenberg Design & Fabrication, whereabouts unknown)
Others (Work in Progress)

Insights into Kasimir’s Aspects:
ALAREC’s Admin – As ALAREC’s Admin, Kasimir has ready access to an incredibly powerful Lore Machine. However, he also has to spend a great deal of time tending the system. Implicit in ALAREC’s Admin is his position as a Member of the White Council.

New World, Old Problems – Kasimir’s Trouble is that he’s essentially an old aristocrat living in a modern world. He’s adapted pretty well, but that doesn’t mean that the New World doesn’t still slap him in the face every once in a while. He also has a bevy of Old Problems, such as his position as an Occult Researcher for Third Reich Germany, his ongoing feud with the Kemmlerites, his disgraced position in the White Council, and the deal he made with Ferrovax to protect him from discovery by malign forces from the years 1950-2000. He remains unsure if Ferrovax considers the payment met.

Old World, Old Money, Old Values – Kasimir is at his best when his Old World aristocratic bearing and context matter. He is at his worst when dealing with people for whom this means nothing, or for whom this is an antagonizing factor.

“I’ve a few theories…” (But Which is Right?) – Kasimir has been around. A lot. He’s seen tons of crazy things. Upon seeing some supernatural event, he can come up with at least a few theories as to what it is and how to address it. He’s also paralyzed if he’s out of his depth, or if multiple theories fit the facts and he can’t decide which theory to pursue.

Not That Man Anymore – The End of World War II and its personal aftermath for him left Kasimir without his mentor, family, and ancestral lands. It also left him disgraced by Riley and his enemies in the White Council, who gladly branded him a Nazi, even though he was essentially a White Council spy on WW2 Germany. The resultant destruction of his idealism resulted in a temporary loss of his powers and multiple nervous breakdowns. This Aspect can be compelled whenever Kasimir is dealing with people who know his past, and expect him to behave that way. It can be invoked whenever he is trying to make a clean break with the “direct approach”.

I’ve Got Just The Spell – Between him and ALAREC, he’s got the accumulated Arcane know-how of several generations of Wizardly Lore. Odds are “There’s a Spell For That” and he knows it. This can be compelled since he so often relies on spells to do work for him, even when mundane means will do, and spells do often have unintended consequences…

Playing The Long Game – Kasimir is at his best when planning and precision are necessities. He is at his worst in the heat of battle (Not That Man Anymore), making decisions on the fly, and so forth. He feels uncomfortable with acting hastily, since it might ruin other plans that he already has in place.


Located on Kasimir’s iPhone4 E-mail outbox, postdated noon tomorrow, intended recipient Elsa Ritter.

Dear Elsa,

If you are reading this, I am going to burden you with the cliche as well as the morbid. I am dead.

Cat jenga

I love these internet cats. They are truly a wonder of the modern age!

Anyways, this is my obituary. Actually, more like a summary autobiography, as it’s written in the first person (as you’d be the first to point out). It is yours to disseminate as you please. The Password to ALAREC is


You already have permissions. Its knowledge is yours as well. You already know the location of my last will and testament.

Yours Truly,
Reichsgraf Kasimir von Eisenberg

Born Kasimir von Eisenberg, secondborn to a Saxon Reichsgraf on 5 November, 1879, I lived a hermetic childhood. I had few friends growing up, as to be expected when your father owns the land that the parents of every child within traveling distance farmed or mined. I did my best to be a dutiful and honest child and for a great while, that worked out. My powers first manifested at fourteen, in October. My younger sister, Annalien, was caught on the flats during a sudden thunderstorm that the local Almanacks referred to afterwards as The Great Storm of Eisenberg. I felt the storm’s energy gather, atmospheric friction ionizing the air, the vague smell of ozone. Somehow, I knew that great skyfire generator aimed for her. I threw out my left hand, unknowingly, and the lightning bent, struck my palm, channeled through my body. I think my heart stuttered. Then I raised my other hand, and threw the lightning, which subsequently split a large old oak in half from 500 paces. My parents, having seen the entire affair, and perhaps worried that their son had been touched by the Devil, warned me to never do such a thing again. (Old World, Old Money, Old Values)

Of course, a prohibition against tapping vast cosmic powers created an unnecessary strain on my relationship to them, culminating in an argument that I eventually won. I pursued my higher education at Oxford, much to the gall of my father. There, I met the White Councillor Riley Tinsmith, who lived in the Mortal World as a Professor of Philosophy. I studied Natural Philosophy, focusing on what would now be referred to as Applied Mathematics. He felt my power when we shook his hands, and though I didn’t know how to recognize it, I felt his too. What ensued was more argument than apprenticeship. I could not reconcile the archaic world-model insisted upon by Riley and his occult peers, but insisted upon my own framework using the Modern Sciences. So long as I obeyed their Laws, it seemed they cared little for this distinction, although I was more than happy to point out, their insistence upon ignorance resulted in them being further and further removed from the benefits of modernity.

Upon graduating from the University I returned to my home-district, where I kept tabs on a group of necromantic cultists operating out of the Black Forest (later I discovered that they were led by the infamous Heinrich Kemmler) and reported my sparse findings. Finally, in a windfall of information (A half-demon took my contract to monitor the ways near Berlin… with a sniper rifle), Riley and I blew the lid off of a Kemmlerite plot to kick-start a Great War by exploiting the web of political ties in Europe at the time. Despite my mentor’s wishes, I notified the local German authorities, who, using modern weaponry, proved more than a match for Kemmlerite sorcery. A pity, then, that the Great War the Kemmlerites had planned got kicked off only seven years later, for purely Mortal reasons. (On the Bleeding Edge)

The Great War left my family in tatters. Though I had divested a great deal of my own holdings from the titles of nobility and adopted the crass mercantile paradigm which defined the Modern Age, my family did not do the same. Worse, my older brother fell in one of the trenches, victim of his own patriotic self-image. I inherited the title of Reichsgraf three years before all titles were to be abolished. For the first time since the Crusades, my family was held as equal to the peasants whom we’d lorded over for seven centuries. The transition was not pretty.

My wife, however, chosen for dowry rather than rank, was. I loved Henrietta dearly, and in return she gave me three beautiful sons. We suffered through the Weimar Republic, living in the decaying manor in Eisenberg, as nationalistic fervor once again swept the nation. The White Council, seeing the opportunity to have an “inside man”, encouraged me to join the Party. My unknowing employers paid me well and shipped me to a secure facility where I could perform occult research on their behalf. My true job was to keep them on the hook; to use a modern phrase, keep peddling them pot so that they don’t find a dealer willing to sell crack. I kept them on the hook… and apparently they kept me on the hook as well. The Second War’s attrition on my family was complete. The firebombing of Dresden raped my lands and manor. Riley had died countering the effects of another Kemmlerite plot. I was well and truly alone for the first time in my life. Even my solitary childhood did not prepare me for the privation that was my life in 1945. It destroyed me. And it wasn’t over. (I Was The Victim Too!)

Gratitude does not factor into Council politics. Riley dead, I had no shield as an impulsive and powerful young Wizard. In order to prevent my dissident opinions from spreading, they cast me in the blackest wool possible. On the Mortal front, I was relocated to the United States, where I was before being released as “a crazy kook who thinks he can do magic” and of no tactical value to the Cold War with Russia. At that point, I could not do magic. My conviction, like my previous life, was shredded and in tatters. Thank God for my foresight in investing in U.S. currency during the War. Thank God that my mundane skillset found use in the Seattle area.

It took decades with a psychiatrist to rebuild me. Jim Craven, born of farm stock but Harvard educated, insistently misidentified my ‘impotence’ as sexual. Let me assure you, crass reader, that it was not. Strangely, however, mystical impotence responds to the same confidence boosting tricks, and by the early 60s, I was there to see Heinrich Kemmler dead… again. Vengeance did not return Riley to me, or my lost family, titles or holdings. I was the clueless owner of a farm in Bellevue, working for Boeing. I was also naked metaphysically, while my powerful enemies had not disappeared. I bartered with Ferrovax for a 50-year Ward to cover that risk (and gained another, in the unpaid debt to a Great Dragon). On the Mortal side, Olaf Ritter came from Germany to join me, with his newborn son Hans and wife Marie. Over time, they became more than servants. In so many ways, they became my family.

Generations passed as I rebuilt my fortunes and attempted to swerve from my previous, direct approach to problems. I dabbled in school boards and chairmanships, engaged in small-scale Mortal conflicts as a methodology for using subtlety and indirection as my new persona. I even put Lanzettenblatt, the most horrific of my creations, behind powerful wards that would ensure I could only take up the weapon with a clear mind and resolution of purpose. I also experimented with LSD in the 60s, recommended by my psychiatrist, as well as peyote. Neither were enjoyable to a person “gifted” with The Sight.

In the mid-70s, I’d grown consumed with the modern Enigma Machines. Their computing power had grown impressive, and a scholar named Moore had devised a law that had proved highly predictive of their enhanced power over the last several years. I have always envisioned myself as a forward-thinker (despite more than enough documentation in my daily diaries for me to know that I am not), and so I began to bring the pursuit of mystic knowledge into the Post-Modern Era. I conceived of a device, which I called ALAREC, the Arcane Library and Research-Enhancing Computer. The road was long, fraught with complication (particularly my ability at this point to hex modern technology into the ground with nothing but a sneeze). Two decades later, I had perfected the Technology Protection Circle (TPC), which shielded electronic items from mystic interference.

ALAREC began as a force simulator and equation optimizer. In this capacity, the incredible machine proved a demon of efficiency. I put myself into business working as an Occult Consultant for the White Council, with a minimum 2 hrs, billed at $500/hr. People would happily pay me a thousand dollars for what ALAREC could emulate in 5 minutes. This only bolstered my resources as my information advantage continued to accumulate. Needless to say, it still needs work, but when one can quantify the numbers being dealt with (or at least provide an approximation), ALAREC is Magic. (ALAREC)

I’ve always been something of a philanthropist, but until recently, I’ve kept things at arm’s length. However, I have developed something of a rapport (perhaps imagined on my part), with an ex-convict named Manuel Jackson. He and I share similar values, and I think that there’s a lot of good that can be done, despite (or perhaps because of) his wildly irregular religious beliefs. He also seems genuinely competent enough to actually do good. I know that you, dear reader, may be skeptical of all that I have told you. I understand. This is an awful burden, and it may take time for your queues to process it fully. It will take even longer for you to peruse my daily diaries, if you decide that they are useful. They are located on \\ALAREC\REICHSGRAF\DIARIES and proceed from 5 until the present day, unbroken. Please let it be the final word that however I have failed the world, I did so with the best intentions… and I apologize. (With the Best Intentions…)

Kasimir "Kass" von Eisenberg

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