Jeremy Mandala

New Age True Believer


High Concept New Age True Believer
Trouble “There are no good choices”
Other Aspects
Yeah, man, I’ve Heard of That!
It Can’t Get Us In Here
Power of Will
Thinks Fast On His Feet
Everyone’s Welcome!

Conviction: Fantastic (6)
Empathy: Great (4)
Discipline: Great (4)
Rapport: Good (3)
Lore: Good (3)
Scholarship: Fair (2)
Presence: Fair (2)
Endurance: Fair (2)
Athletics: Fair (2)
Fists: Fair (2)
Alertness: Fair (2)
Resources: Fair (2)
Contacts: Fair (2)

Physical Stress 3
Mental Stress 4 +1 extra Mild consequence
Social Stress 4 +1 extra Mild consequence

Person of Conviction: Use Conviction for Social Stress
Counselor: Use Empathy to help recover from Mental consequences.

Bless This House: +2 to Threshold if less than Conviction
Guide My Hand: Given time to pray, may spend Fate point to use Conviction in place of skill (not combat). Also, guided to the right place: may not need to spend a Fate point for fortuitous arrival.
The Sight
Soulgaze (as aspect of The Sight)
Righteousness: Use Conviction to complement any action related to your purpose.

Refresh 2


Raised on an extremely ecumenical commune in rural Washington, Jeremy discovered very young that he had a talent for picking up the various philosophies that his parents and their friends debated and practised. And more than being able to discuss them with an articulation beyond his years, he believes them (all) deeply (Yeah, Man, I’ve Heard Of That!)

The medicine lodges and wilderness retreats of the commune occasionally attracted predatory beings of the Nevernever, but with Jeremy’s example, the groups found their meditative practise formed an effective barrier against uninvited intrusion (It Can’t Get Us In Here).

Eventually, though, a gang called the Warlocks subverted the cult, turning some of its focus to producing drugs for their pipeline. And when Jeremy tried to investigate the disappearances of some of his fellow cultists, the cult leaders objected. Despite their opposition, and some interference by malevolent spirits apparently working for the Warlocks, he was able to locate those who’d disappeared, or reassure himself they were safely away (The Power Of Will). In this he was assisted by Sunny Kym, when he tracked one of those who’d fled to Seattle.

The crisis soon caused the group to fall apart, and Jeremy made his way to Seattle permanently. There he was subsequently interviewed by Special Agent Tasha Johnson, as part of the Bureau’s investigation of the Warlocks… but due to the lack of cooperation by the cultists who actually worked with the gang, and the air of mumbo jumbo around the entire situation, the case went nowhere.

Jeremy has stayed in contact with Sunny in particular, because she is smoking hot and her total focus on duty is really exotic. He’s even helped her deal with the local Black Court leader Darren McGavin (Thinks Fast On His Feet).

Most of the time, he teaches meditation classes at the Wallingford Community Center, and helps people new to the city, like Tony Kai get situated (Everyone’s Welcome!).

Jeremy Mandala

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