Germone Johnson

Tasha's Great Grandfather, Revoked Emissary of The Grey


Gerome served the Unicorn for a great count of time, but is now retired.

The Grey violently rejected him for some shameful action that he (literally) cannot discuss.

The Grey loathes the “hero” of the Wars (I & II) for a reason that has NOT been explained. And yet the standard punishment of “age return” has not occurred… why?

Tasha wasn’t the first choice, or the second, (the Unicorn does not like females, fuck why do you think they like virgins…) he’s an Ancient Power and thinks Mares should be breeding, not Emissaries… but Tasha’s siblings… weren’t willing to serve (or rather wasn’t capable of serving properly…. not that Tasha and her siblings can honestly talk.. the Grey is a Harsh Master and has forbidden the failed Emissaries to speak with her about this… but they know, if Tasha fails, they regain their Youth and she regains… her age.

Unwillingly and with the greatest of Trepidation the Grey and has passed the torch to Tasha….

He Invites, and Command her to Serve.

Good IS the Grey. The Grey IS Good.


Germone Johnson

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