Gabriel Arden


High Concept: Fallen Prince of Amber
Trouble: “I am in Exile”
Other Aspects:
Prince in Exile
Mercenary Assassin
Legacy of the Captain
Finding Meaning in a Foreign World

Discipline (6)
Guns (6)
Resources (5)
Intimidate (4)
Might (3)
Endurance (3)
Athletics (3)
Alertness (3)
Scholarship (1) (Spanish)
Contacts (1)

Physical Stress: 6 (armor 1, can clear 1 minor per scene)
Mental Stress: 2
Social Stress: 2
Recovers as though stress were one level lower

Pattern Lense (The Sight)
Shadow Molding
Pattern Defense
Amberite (Wizard’s Constitution)
Inhuman Strength
Inhuman Recovery (Catch True Faerie Weapons, not widely known)
Inhuman Toughness (Catch True Faerie Weapons, not widely known)
Guns Feat (+2 Aim through scene, +2 Knowledge, +1 Damage)


(Walker of the Pattern)

Gabriel was born to Benedict and spent many years being trained by him in the ways of Amber and Shadow. Moving from Shadow to Shadow, assisting his father in bending the worlds to test various military theories Gabriel learned young that family mattered and Shadow was but a tool.

(A bright enough light will erase any Shadow)

In his late thirties he was commanded by King Oberon to marry the lady Sisthell of Eregnor to cement their alliegence to the Golden Circle. Outraged that the would be commanded to bind himself to this effemeral whore and horrified that his father did not intervene to prevent the attrocity Gabriel stole his father’s Crown of Worlds and used it to destroy Avalon, the Shadow his father was maintaining as a memorial for the missing Corwin. Statement made he then fled into Shadow.

Captured shortly thereafter by the King, he was brought back to Amber and forced to stand trial for his disobedience. Through intercession by his father and a begruding respect by the King for Gabriel’s grand gesture the standard death sentence was demurred and he was instead exiled, his ability to walk Shadow blocked by Oberon through the power of the Jewel of Judgement.

The King proclaimed that if he could not learn respect from him family, perhaps those he had so casually destroyed could teach it to him.

(Only Shadows waste potential)

Several hundred years later Gabriel is now making his way as a mercenary assassin in a world he has accepted he must interact with, if he still has trouble seeing them as worthy. Over time he has begun to identify with some of the individuals he interacts with, allowing affection if his pride has yet to allow respect. One of these included the young Special Agent Tasha Johnson whom he recognized as having great potential and a certain religious affinity, even if the social mores of the time were unable to do so. Gabriel reached out to the young woman, augementing the training being provided by her grandfather and shadowing her first missions, a guardian angel she never knew existed.

(Most problems with intrigue can be quickly solved with fragmentation grenades)

Hired to track down and kill a local Prince of Industry in 1990’s Seattle he instead discovered that the target was in truth the leader of a local White Court vampire coven. Unable to accept he was in over his head this encounter may well have been the end of Gabriel had not Wizard Suzanne Baker come across the encounter and assisted.

(Blowing up my car doesn’t, necessarily, make you a bad person)

Years later Gabriel was working on his own, tracking down the arsonist asshole who had torched his Hummer when he once more enountered the young Wizard, this time battling some sort of water elemental. Unaware of the context, but feeling honor bound to render assistance to one who had once done so to him, Gabriel was able to blow up the elemental. While not killing it, per se, it was reduced into small enough entities that escape became possible. While alternatingly amused and exasterbaed by the mage’s over-cautious and somewhat fearful use of her fire magic, Gabriel recognized her usefullness and has hired her to assist him on contracts off and on since.

Gabriel Arden

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