I must be new

So jail sucks. I guess I failed walking the line between what I thought I should say and what I actually wanted to say. Getting beaten while handcuffed is really not that much fun by the way. I think Jeremy got it a lot worse than I did,(in fact he looked pretty beat to hell when he finally did get back to the boat). I may just have to pay each of those shitheads a more individual introduction to pain at some point down the line.

You know what sucks worse than jail? The ride home, feeling like my face was trying to get pushed through a cheese-grater was, well that shit hurts. Dad said hello by the way(just prior to police car sinking cheese-grater-ness). I am pretty sure he figured car crash would not kill me, so really unclear on just what the message was(pretty sure he does not do love taps).

When something is so broke, well I guess it takes someone like me to fix it, on that note, someday I will become President. I know start small, but it is now officially of my list of things I WILL do. Making the rounds speaking publicly at nearby community centers, mixing in equal bits of fear and awe, seems to be moving along well enough, I think a few induced heart attacks should really stir up the fear part of my campaign.

Knight of the cross, and real honest to Wizard Warden have shown up, funny I like the Knight way more than the Warden, White Council has only impressed me in what seems to be an ability for douchebaggery and that is about it. Seems like people around here really DO care when evil like Nicodemus Archleone come to town(can I call him Uncle Nick?). Micheal thinks I may be a lever and that both sides may want to see if they can either use or break the lever, which makes me feel like the cat in the rocking chair factory…

My favorite question of the night “Are you new?”(asked by the Knight). Why yes, yes I am and hold on kiddies cause I am just about to get started…



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