Captain's Log 2

10 Meters
So the goal is to get under the lip and avoid the cannon’s fire arpeture, correct?
Pretty much, yeah.
Fantastic, easy but innovative, with bonus points for remembering enough about the local physics to use them productively. Minor point however, murder holes right next to the big gun?
Working on it, color me innovating….
Any reasonable tactical analysis is coloring you finely diced.
And this is why we never trust consultants.

6 Meters
This is a freaking long corridor.
Time dialation is such a curious thing, I’m actually rather bored.
Thousand apologies. I’ll book a clown.
No need, we already have one, if you can get him to detonate more than statuary that would be lovely.
The current decor is a bit austere, but the explosive bit is a good idea. If I’m still alive in 11 seconds or so remind me to suggest it to him.

4 Meters
At least Suzanne isn’t here.
I’ve never understood why you care, she’s hardly important.
What is more impressive, the lion that says about waiting to be served or the mouse that roars?
She’s nothing but a shadow.
Perhaps, but then so are you.

1 Meter
Not to overstep, but murder holes… plan….
Yes, aware, thank you

0 Meters



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