Captain's Log

Sorry about the title, it borders on the unforgivable, but when life hands you lemons, etc. For now, at least, I have other concerns. I still adapt to this new situation, my public persona is ridiculous, but surprisingly useful, and on some levels metaphorical. I have never loved this Shadow, it thinks rather too highly of itself, but with Amber no more perhaps it’s hubris is justified. If there is no home to return to then this is where I must live, as opposed to simply exist as I have before.

And so the dancer begins to see the coreography, and not simply the movement.

A thousand pardons gentle mistress, it is often difficult to properly appriciate a creative endevor when one is unaware of the stage until the curtain rises.

You’re lecturing me on the ethics of human manipulation?

Touche, but my commentary is less about ethics and more about efficiency. If you’re going to use me, at least respect me enough to be good at it.

Practice makes perfect

How reassuring. In any case, I have other things to concern me in the immediate frame. Poor planning of the German mage aside, he cannot be the first to have attempting something that audacious. He did not succeed because of great ability, he succeeded because something used him. This feels…manufactured. The research we are doing on containment of these beasts seems wise, I suspect we will have more issues on this front. The city is still balancing itself after the Beyonders devastation, too many eyes are watching and we don’t need this level of public drama.

Loci are also forming, the natural reaction of the Pattern to rising events. It is no coincidence that individuals have been drawn to me to form a group capable of responding.

All about you, is it?

Don’t be naive, as a Scion of the Blood I’m a convienent nexus point…. think of it like gravity, bearing the Pattern makes me heavier. As Corwin’s pattern pursues it’s natural course toward greater Order, meta-entities that align with that configuration are drawn to my greater weight. It’s about as personal as calculus.


Suddenly so attentive, so often the case when I speak of Pattern.

I’m a big proponent of personal growth, knowing is half the battle and all that.

Assuredly, and I have nothing but respect for your efforts at self improvement. Your agenda however, somehow that is less transparent.

After everything I’ve done to help.

Largely appreciated, although you’re aesthetics remain somewhat in question. But a team is most effective when all members understand their role and objectives. Trust is a two way exchange, my lady.

There are contingencies, ways that must be followed…. Your Pattern, would not a straight line be simplier? Yet the nature of things, the way reality defines, require the elegance of curves. We… I… am also defined by the lines of how things must be. Yes, trust is an exchange; but sometimes, only sometimes, it can also be a gift.



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